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My story begins in Sydney, over 3 years ago, and I realise I am a little (extremely) late in starting this blog, but here goes nothing. I've never seen myself as much of a writer, but looking back over the growing pile of photographs I have from trips over the past few years I've decided to document my travels, more for my own benefit than anything.

In February 2012 I left my university in England for what I thought would just be 5 months in Australia for a study exchange. Now I write this from my apartment in Brisbane where I have lived for just over a year and a half. I first fell in love with Australia when I was a young girl on a family holiday, visiting Grandparents, then all over again when I grabbed the opportunity to study in Sydney. Now, I did a fashion innovation degree and I know Australia isn't exactly the best place in the world for fashion. I could have gone to Paris or Milan - but, come on - a travel grant to Australia... yes please! As a twenty year old girl travelling alone for the first time to the other side of the world to start a different university as the 'new kid' and to live in an unfamiliar city I was feeling pretty nervous/excited/free and I will never forget that feeling of squealing with excitement on the inside as I rode over a hill on a bus and saw that Sydney city scape for the first time.

I had the most incredible time in Sydney living the student life that I never really got to experience being based at a small arts uni in a quiet Surrey town, so much so that when my time in Sydney was coming to an end I debated changing my flights and staying another few months. I am a really terrible decision maker, so I flew back to England in early July as originally planned, but only to realise how unhappy I was to be back and that I should have stayed in Sydney as long as I could have. I didn't start uni again for another 2 months - what was I doing? So I flew back to Sydney to spend the rest of my summer there! This story is as ridiculous as I feel when I'm telling it, but I believe everything happens for a reason and during those two weeks that I spent back in England I got to spend time with my beloved Nanny, for what I didn't know then would be the last time.

Sitting here now, I'm so grateful for the crazy decisions I made, the people that supported me in those decisions and the incredible experiences I have had leading up to where I am now. Im excited to share them with you!

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