During my time living in Sydney I embarked on a little Easter getaway to spend the holidays with my Grandparents who live north of Launceston. Living so far away, I hadn't seen them in years, so it was an emotional moment being reunited with Grandma when she picked me up at the airport. She drove me around to visit all the different spots around Launceston, took me shopping and to the zoo while Grandpa stayed home doing what he does best. From visiting them in Queensland when I was a girl, I recall Grandpa taking care of his huge gardens full of fruit and veg, or doing one of many DIY projects in his garage, and things were no different now.

The best thing about Tasmania is the incredible scenery and winding roads; there is always a lake or a beautiful look out spot around the next corner wherever you drive. I'd love to return to Tasmania again at some point during a warmer time of year and roadtrip from Hobart and explore more of this beautiful place!

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