The Great Barrier Reef.

Swimming on the reef has been on my bucket list for so long but the idea of being in the open sea has also totally terrified me. I'm a nervous swimmer and the thought of being in the vast ocean where anything could be beneath me makes me feel incredibly vulnerable. I was lucky I had some snorkelling practice a year earlier in the Philippines so I could control my underwater hyperventilating quicker this time around.

When I went to enter the water there was a huge Humphead Wrasse fish flapping around where I was about to get in (you can spot him in the second picture hiding behind the pretty yellow tail fish). Once the coast was clear I braved the ocean and jumped into the clear water. To my relief the water around the coral was very shallow, the area is cordoned off and staff members patrol in little boats to ensure you don't float too far. It was an incredible experience getting to see one of the world's most famous natural beauties up close and personal and a particular highlight was spotting a turtle! The boat ride itself  out to the reef was great, getting to see all the islands as you head out to sea and watching the sun set on the way back in was beautiful. The tour includes a buffet lunch and drinks and there are different options for viewing the reef if you're not a swimmer; underwater viewing deck and glass bottom boat.

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