Tin Can Bay & Bundaberg

After making a last minute decision to move back to England I made a mad dash up the coast to tick off some things on my bucket list. When I was young I visited my grandparents in Australia and we went to Tin Can bay. It's a tiny town where a family of Australian Humpback dolphins have been visiting a local cafe since the 1950's to be fed. Unfortunately on that morning we visited, al those years ago, the dolphins did not arrive and I never got the feed them. I thought I'd try my luck again - this time it was a success and i got to hand feed a wild dolphin! Bucket list item number two was to see the hatching at Mon Repos Turtle Centre in  Bundaberg. Wild turtles come on to this particular patch of beach that is protected by Mon Repos and you can pay to visit the centre in hopes of catching a glimpse of the eggs hatching. It's a waiting game and pure luck if you are there on a night when hatching begins. The centre volunteers wait on the beach observing the nests and if they see movement they will bring a small group down to the beach to see the magic happen. It wasn't long before my group was called to the beach and we were watching hundreds of tiny turtles emerge from the sand and scuttle down into the sea under the moonlight. Magical!

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